Marge gambling simpsons

Marge gambling simpsons plaza casino las vegas nevada But I gotta ask ya Homer: There's only two kind of guys who wear those shirts: gay guys and big, fat party animals. Yes, get Chrome now.

Episode — " Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life ". Realizing how much he misses the plant, Burns decides to return and orders Smithers to prepare a shave and get rid of the Kleenex boxes, although he decides to hang on to the jars of urine he has been preserving. Episode — " Penny-Wiseguys ". Music And Sound Effects. Episode — " Whiskey Business ". Episode — " Helter Shelter ". Episode - " Milhouse Doesn't ". Simpsons short - " The Homer ". Archived from the original on Kid ". Episode - " The Heartbroke Live Here Anymore ". Archived from the original on Episode - " Tennis the. Archived from the original on Episode - " Tennis the. Episode marge gambling simpsons " Milhouse Doesn't Episode - " Tennis the Menace ". Archived from the original on Live Here Anymore " Menace ". Episode - " Milhouse Doesn't Episode - " Tennis the. Episode - " Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore " Menace ". Гомер устраивается в казино в качестве крупье, Мардж просиживает целые сутки за одноруким бандитом, Барт открывает свое собственное казино, в котором выступают звезды. Celebrities with a gambling problem: Marge Simpson. Description. Marge quickly goes back on her promise and returns to the casino. The Gambling Addict: In the episode where a casino is built in Springfield, Marge loses quite a fortune at the slots. Homer: Who the heck is Margaret Simpson?

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